About Us

James Slack Consulting is based in the CBD of Geelong and supports primarily home users and small home businesses in Geelong and surrounding areas.

My mission is to:

  • Give my clients the benefits of my 15 years in the industry.
  • Remove the confusion and frustration often associated with computers and home theatre.
  • Provide training that is specific to a task and easy to understand.
  • To be my clients friend in the industry who they trust and know they can rely on me.

Professional Attributes:

  • Strong reseller relationships with key distributors.
  • Authorised partner with multiple software vendors.
  • Multiple certifications and accreditations in the industry.

Personal Attributes:

  • Member of the Rotary Club of Geelong.
  • Strong personal relationships with business leaders in Geelong.
  • I enjoy helping people get the most from their equipment.